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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

We are pleased to announce the Cecil H. Parker Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) program. PBIS will provide us with a positive behavioral system in place for the 2022-2023 school year. It will help staff recognize scholars for positive behavior and good citizenship.

Our purpose is to establish clear expectations and encourage a sense of community in which we all play a positive role in our school’s success and safety. The PBIS team has developed school-wide expectations and a system of positive rewards and reinforcements to be used throughout the school, as well as on the school bus. Cecil H. Parker School has created an acronym, P.A.W.S., which stands for: P-Practice Respect, A-Act Responsibly, W-Work Together, S-Stay Safe.

We believe that by helping scholars engage in positive behavior, we will form a school community where all scholars can grow and be successful. We recently had our PBIS “kick-off” pep rally, and the scholars were so excited about the PBIS program. On the back of this letter, we included the school’s PBIS PAWS Matrix you will know the behavior expectations that are expected in the school. We also attached the PBIS Home Matrix that indicates some appropriate behaviors at home. You may use this home matrix as a guide for home expectations.

Together with your support, we look forward to the journey ahead!

The Cecil H. Parker PBIS Team: Principal Ms. Green, Assistant Principal Mr. Newbey, Mr. Harper, and Ms. Gomes    

Cecil H. Parker

Blue Tiger Behavior




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Practice Respect



·         Raise your hand

·         Listen to others speak

·         Be courteous to all  staff and students

·         Listen to adults

·         Look don’t touch

·         Quiet voice

·         Allow for privacy

·         Use positive language

·         Take turns



Act responsibly



·         Be prepared with your materials

·         Throw out your trash

·         Remain seated while eating

·         Silent passing

·         Pick up discarded items from floor

·         Wash hands with soap and water

·         Clean up what you use

·         Line up at first signal



Work together


·         Respect personal belongings

·         Help others

·         Wait on line

·         Keep your area clean


·         Walk in a straight line

·         Keep restroom CLEAN

·         Invite others to the game

·         Include everyone in play



Stay safe


·         Keep personal space

·         Walk in line

·         Wait your turn

·         Remain in line unless called

·         Walk safely

·         Wait your turn

·         Keep feet on floor

·         Keep hands and feet to self

PBIS Home Matrix


Getting up in the Morning

Getting to school

Clean- up time

Time to relax

Homework Time


Getting ready for bed


Practice respect

-Eat breakfast and put dishes in the sink.

- Say good morning to your family


- walk on the sidewalk

- put on seatbelt

-Pick your belongs up off the floor

- Find a quiet place where you will not disturb anyone

- Finish all of your homework in a timely manner

- Ask for help if needed


- Have good table manners

- Bring dirty dishes to the sink


- Say good night to your family


Act Responsibility

- Pick clothes up off the floor

-Pack up your own homework

- Check to make sure you have your homework

- Put everything back where you found it

- Manage your time so that you can get your homework done

- Make sure you know the assignments

- Put homework in your bag when you are done


- Be neat, pick up your food if you drop it


- lay out your clothes for tomorrow



Work together

- Wake up on time.

- Brush teeth and clean up

- Don’t be late

- Don’t lose pieces to games

- Share belongings with others

-Check to make sure you have completed everything

- Wash your hands before and after eating

- Brush your teeth and wash your face


Stay Safe

-Walk to the bathroom

- Walk straight to school

-Don’t talk to strangers

- Be polite to the bus monitor and driver

- Don’t break the items you are using

- Tell if something is missing or broken

- Don’t make a mess

- Be careful when using scissors or a pencil


- Be careful with utensils

- Don’t touch the stove


- Don’t jump on your bed